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Globalization, ELT and ESP.

Globalization has changed our economies as multinational companies outsource their jobs to where costs are lowest. What jobs will remain in Taiwan and how can we prepare out students for them? What kinds of jobs will require employment outside Taiwan? What sorts of language training will students need? Since language ability alone is increasingly insufficient, what role will ESP play? How are these changes impacting the way teachers handle their classrooms? What materials can teachers use in these situations? How can we train both pre-service and in-service teachers to deal with these changing realities?

Modern Technologies.

What are the latest trends in TELL (Technology Assisted Language Learning) and how can the teacher best apply them to student learning? How will ELT and ESP incorporate non-traditional learning, whether for distance learning, lifelong learning, or in other settings, without increasing students’ alienation? What role will on-line resources play?

Social and Educational Policies.

How do our educational policies address the new realities of our modern globalised world? Increasingly, mastering content in one area of knowledge is not enough. Are we doing enough to guide our students, to show them that a good command of English is only one crucial aspect of their quest toward a meaningful career, be that in science or service or some other area? What are we or should we be doing to promote lifelong learning as the knowledge students have at job entry will be obsolete long before they reach the ends of their respective careers?

Neurolinguistic research is revealing which areas of the brain process which aspects of language. Will these discoveries eventually make language learning easier? Does the use of new technologies work? There is need for continuing research in all areas of English teaching and learning to better inform teachers of the most effective ways to facilitate student learning.




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