Steps in Submitting a Proposal

(1) Prepare three copies of the abstract without your name or other identifying information.  The abstract should be double-spaced (12 point), with one-inch margins, and fit on one sheet of A4 paper (about 200 words).  (Abstracts written in Chinese or other languages should be typed on computer and follow a similar format.)  The title should appear on the first line and be limited to 10 words.

(2) Prepare one copy of the two-page Presentation Proposal Form (or two forms if there are two presenters, etc.).  For Colloquia and Panel Discussions, send one form for EACH member of the panel, including the discussion leader/moderator.

(3) Submit the three copies of the abstract (without your name), a diskette containing your abstract (preferably in a version of WORD, DOS compatible, no MAC please), and the two-page presentation data form (one for each presenter) to P. O. Box 22-178, Taipei, Taiwan 106 (English or Chinese) by the February 28, 2017 deadline. NOTE:  Abstracts sent by facsimile (FAX) will not be accepted.
Email submission should be sent to

Presenters will be limited to a maximum of one individual presentation (paper or workshop) and one joint presentation per person.




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